Anthony's TV
About Our Business
Since 1955
We have seen many changes in television, and have changed along the way to still provide
you with options and versatility with TV viewing in you home or business!

In 1955 Anthony started a TV and Radio service as well as TV antennas and Auto Radios.
He worked hard to build his business and had a good Reputation is this area.
Expanding in 1962 with a new Tech Roger and a current inside man Ed , now a crew of 3 Total
for better faster service!
The next few years Roger became the outside man and shop man wile Anthony decided that
with solid state TV and less repairs?? He would get out of the TV business and sell property and
In 1965  Roger Betty and family are the New owners! Ed was still employed as shop man.
Roger Kept the good name Anthony's TV and expanded into More Products and a bigger
showroom. More sales meant more repairs so with his wife and Bob 2nd employee, business was
good. Also adding Dan our 3rd employee was important to the business !
The early 70's  SALES AND SERVICE was the motto with 6 to 12 employees business was at a
peek. Opening the 2nd Store only boosted Sales now to include the new product called the
VCR, we also sold window air conditioners and video games. Solid State was here like Anthony
With changing times and help hard to find we closed our Buffalo Grove store in the mid 70's to
concentrate on the Palatine Store with TV repairs down but VCR repairs up also roof top
antennas and no Cable TV yet,  son Jeff takes over the Installation of antennas and expanded
into Condominium MATV Master Antenna systems and Lobby Cameras

In the 80's there are less SALES of TV's, big Dish is here creating sports bars.
We Expand Movie Rentals into TV sales room with 4000 movies VHS and Beta, VCR repairs
Down(throw away electronics starting)  CABLE TV hits our area, we expand into the Satellite
Dish Installations and repairs also Intercomes/doorbells for town homes and condominiums.

Changes in the 90's with TV and VCR repairs slow the small dish keeps antennas for local
channels, also multi room or TV video and audio Home theater ( surround sound) we get out of
movie rentals  we expand into Mail Boxes for Condominiums and improve  installations and
service of electronics .

2004 Roger and Betty sell property and retire, son Jeff takes over Business and moves to colfax
location no more TV Service Just Installation.
HD TV (Hi definition)  off air antennas, and up grading for 2009 deadline.
Multi room Audio/Video and networking, also Set Top Boxes give TV many new options!

2005 Our 50th Birthday!  Many changes over the years

2008 Less than a year for over the air analog TV!
We are helping customers with hooking up there new TV or DVD etc, Also audio systems with 6
or more speakers are used for TV sound in many homes. Antennas Intercom and Mailboxes
keep us busy there are many condominiums and town homes we service. We also come to your
home and add jacks for Antennas cable satellite telephone speakers etc.  
2009 We now provide you with internet and telephone services  
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