Anthony's TV
2010 our 55th year business is changing again, with the sluggish economy many people are looking to lower there
monthly bills and we can help you!
We are installing HD Antennas and eliminating monthly fees! Many of the condominiums and town homes we
service already have Master Antennas installed so hooking up and watching antenna TV from Chicago has always
been an option for them. We have also see an increase in single family homes with antennas again! We now
provide Internet service and telephone with 4-G wi-max in homes and on the go! Network wiring for computers and
wireless is now part of our services also. Telephone wiring and repairs is also something we have been doing since
the 70's and can help with most phone line issues you encounter! If you need HELP or have QUESTIONS about
Television,Antennas,Telephone,Speakers,Wiring,Cable,Satellite,Installation of electronics and more... Give us a
CALL WE CAN HELP YOU! 847-358-5144
2011 Free antenna TV and free HD channels are helping many people watch Chicago over the air eliminating
cable or satellite monthly fees and adding netflix and Internet connected boxes and TV's is changing the way we
watch TV, we can install and connect them to your Internet. We are committed to you with the best service and
prices to help you with all your electronics!

2017 Change once again with Streaming (TV over Internet). Cut the cord from monthly fees let us install an
antenna for local channels with HD reception! We are now doing what we have done since our first days of 1955
and have the experience to provide you with TV channels and no monthly Fees!